All the Social Ladies with Carrie Kerpen

On Today's show we speak with Kelly Byrd; Account Manager at Likeable Media. Kelly has over 6 years of public relations, marketing and social media experience. Her past clients have ranged from nonprofit and startup to Fortune 500 companies including Gannett, Google, Microsoft and she has provided support for over twenty-five product launches. Prior to Likeable Media, Kelly was the public relations and social media director at talkTECH Communications and worked for and with National Yoga Month, Quantum Rewards, and Weber Shandwick. She now works closely with her clients to leverage social media and word-of-mouth marketing to build a more #Likeable world! Hear her story, her passions and social media tips on Episode 11 of All The Social Ladies.

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On this Memorial Day rebroadcast, Lara Ruth tells us how she started on her path to becoming VP of Content and Social at Citibank. With over 11 years of experience with more than 8 Fortune 500 companies, Lara gives insight on what the best practices are when working in the financial space. She also reveals her thoughts on what the necessary skills are for working in such heavily regulated social media roles. Lara is one busy lady - founder and editor of "Grits in The City", speaker of fluent Spanish and fan of the flying trapeze! Nevertheless, she still has time to share her story and how she balances it all!

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On today’s show we are speaking with Emily Blumenthal; Founder of Handbag Designer 101, The Independent Handbag Designer Awards and author of Handbag Designer 101 (which has sold over 20,000 copies worldwide). Emily launched her own handbag line, Yasmena Bag while getting her MBA in International Marketing Management at Fordham University after working 10 years in media for CNN International and Cartoon Network Moscow. Emily is a trend expert and understands the insatiable appetite of emerging and undiscovered designers and uses her skills and knowledge to teach others too; from “How to Launch Your Handbag Line” at the Learning Annex, to being on the Casting Panel for Project Runway’s Spinoff, Project Accessory where she was also their official blogger. Collaborating with brands such as Swarovski, Timberland, Kate Spade New York and being featured in InStyle Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, The Today Show, The New York Times, Forbes and many more. Tune in to hear her story, the lessons she learned and the confidence she gained to become a successful entrepreneur!

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On today's show we are speaking with Sallie Krawcheck; Business Leader at 85 Broads. Referred to as 'The Last Honest Analyst' by Fortune Magazine, she is known for turning around and growing troubled wealth management businesses to eliminating Wall Street conflicts of interest and advocating a true client-centered business model. After years spent as the guardian of such brands as Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch and US Trust, 2011 became the year for the next stretch of her professional life. Since then Sallie has invested in 85 Broads, a 35,000-strong global professional woman's network. She also spends her time advising start-up companies, focusing on education-oriented philanthropy, serving on a variety of boards and most recently this year was named one of Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People. Tune in to the show and listen to her full story, including the risks she took at all stages of her career and what drives her entrepreneurial spirit.

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On today's show we are speaking with Amanda Sheldon; Director of Digital Marketing and Communications at Medtronic Diabetes. Amanda originally started in the technology PR world and was able to merge her skills in communication and her love of science & technology to move into the healthcare field. Tune in to hear about her unique relationship with social media, the passion she has for the communities she helped build, and how her team empowers individuals to tell their stories and add value to the lives of others. Working in a regulated industry is challenging and Amanda shares how her team manages the required processes, why active listening is so important and the metrics they use to measure their success in social media.

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On today's show we are speaking to Jennifer Brown; President of Jennifer Brown Consulting. Jennifer started her career working as a freelance trainer and independent consultant - teaching all over the world. It was from this work, that she transitioned to align with Fortune 500 companies and address the great disconnect she saw within the people she trained. Through leadership, management, diversity and communication training with a creative and innovative focus, Jennifer and her team have played a pivotal role in enabling employees at all different levels to give their most powerful gifts to the organizations they work for. Jennifer believes strongly in the power of intention; creating more inclusive, innovative workplaces and the impact it can have on transforming human potential. Tune in to hear more about this and the fresh perspectives she has for aspiring young entrepreneurs!

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On today's show we are speaking to Cheryl Viirand; Founder and CEO of Freedible, Inc. Cheryl previously worked as a Wall Street Litigation attorney and in 2008 decided to redesign her life with her passions at the very core. Hear how her homework assignments in the local bookstore led her to fully unearth these passions and find her mission - launching Freedible, Inc in July 2013; a social media site all about food but specifically made for "custom eaters" - people whose eating decisions are driven by food restrictions caused by restrictions, allergies, intolerances, or diseases. Feeling like a fish out of water, Cheryl gave herself permission to act for social change and through her extraordinary experiences has become as she calls herself, "a social change agent without a portfolio". Through listening, Cheryl is meeting the unmet needs of the communities she works with and really is pushing for social change. Tune in to find out more!

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On today's show, we are talking to Molly DeMaagd; Director, Social Media Customer Care with AT&T. Over her 20 year career, Molly has worked her way up through the organization from Customer Service Representative to leading an entire team on social media - now serving as a Director. Hear about the customer challenges and expectations her team faces on a daily basis, and how she empowers her team to ensure customers receive the best possible experience. Gain insights on the importance of listening within the industry and watch out for Molly's predictions on what she thinks is next for customer service in social. Just what are the essential skills for a career in social media and what has been pivotal in Molly's growth and success? Tune in and find out!

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