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Today, I’m talking to Sasha Abraham, a Marketing Director at the NFL. You’ll hear how the National Football League is growing its fanbase by creating authentic content that truly resonates with younger audiences, including an amazing collaboration with comedian Keegan-Michael Key.

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I want to let you in on a little secret of mine, I'm a purger. While some people hoard, anytime we get a build up of anything around the house, I call Junkluggers. The reason I love Junkluggers so much is that I know they are company that is truly based in mission. I know that my stuff is getting recycled, going to good use, and I know that it will eventually go to a good home and will not be in mine! So of course, I had to interview Kristy Ferguson, who is the Chief Marketing Officer of Junkluggers. Pay close attention to her three moments, they really dig down into any piece of advice I've ever given, and I think she lays it out really nicely. Take a listen.

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I'm excited to introduce you to Mindy McKnight, who is the founder and CEO of M-Star Media, Inc. You may know her from, which of course launched the Cute Girls Hairstyles YouTube channel over 10 years ago. She is currently ranked one of the Top 25 Women on YouTube with over 5.6 million subscribers, generating 10 million monthly views. Her twin daughters won 2017 Peoples Voice Webby Award. They've also just recently launched a mascara line, a book on viral parenting... Their is just lots to hear here about how they built their incredible business on YouTube. 

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I am thrilled to present to you Jessica Robinson, the Vice President of Marketing of Emerging Brands at Heineken U.S.A. She come to this interview with so many great examples and tips for marketers today -- things that are current and run across all the different brands in her portfolio. Get your pen out, because there's a lot of insights you'll want to take down. 

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You guys are gonna love my next guest! Molly Hayward, the co-founder at Cora, has entered the menstrual management space -- a space that is very trendy now by the way -- and she has done it so effectively with her company Cora. They have been around three years, they haven't spent a dollar on marketing, and yet they've made a heck of a marketing splash. Take a listen. 

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I’m really excited about my next guest because she answers a burning question I’ve had for a long time: Is it GIF or JIF? Sadie Novello, the EVP of Content and Media at GIPHY, is here to answer that question for us now, along with other questions I ask her--all about being a working mom and making it all work. Take a listen.

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I am super excited to introduce you to Shelley Wise who is the Vice President of Integrated Marketing at Princess Cruises. You're going to hear a lot about Princess Cruises today, in addition to Shelley's career. You'll hear about their return to TV, you'll hear about their approach to influencer marketing, and you'll hear about their integration of data. Take a listen. 

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I am really excited to introduce you to my next guest, Kristin Patrick. I first became acquainted with her when she was the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Global Brand Development at PepsiCo, where she played an integral role in delivering the company's long-term global growth strategies. I became obsessed with what she was doing there as a change maker and I really wanted to get her on the show so she can talk to us about what it takes to be a change maker. Because it's not so easy when you're a woman coming into an industry attempting to make change. A lot of it is not just knowing what to do next, but knowing how to communicate it. Take a listen. 

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Hey guys! I had a ton of fun chatting with Nancie Ruder, who is the Founder of Noetic Consultants, and also the author of "Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill: How Senior Marketers Scale the Heights Through Art and Science." I love talking about art and science and marketing because it reminds me a lot of how we optimizing our own social media. We use data, we know what works, but also, it takes just a little bit of art. Take a listen.

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Get ready you guys because this powerhouse is full of energy and advice, all about the future of sound  marketing. Take a listen to Aimee Lapic, Chief Marketing Officer at Pandora. She has incredible about bringing new energy to a team, and also, looking toward the future of sound & marketing. Take a listen!

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I'm so excited this week to introduce you to Allison Lowrie, who is the Chief Marketing Officer of ANGIE Homeservices. One of the things I find so interesting about home service providers is that, unlike travel or food delivery or car service providers -- all these things that we really research and talk about online -- home services are still relegated to conversations between neighbors, friends, and family. It's interesting to see how they are focused as much on off-line communication as they are on on-line communication. Take a listen. 

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This is a very special show, because I get to interview Ruth Ann Harnisch, who is the Founder and President of The Harnisch Foundation. She describes herself as an investor, a donor, a producer, a writer, a performer, and formerly poor-now-rich person working to create social change and help others to find their own paths to fulfillment. 

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You guys, I am so excited because one of my favorite brands is on the show today. I am a Keds devotee and I am thrilled to talking to their president, Gillian Meek. One of the things that I love Keds, and in Gillian in particular, is they don't just talk-the-talk, they walk-the-walk! Their new "Ladies First" campaign is not only great as a marketing campaign, but they truly live up to that mission with a Female leadership team and a lot of great thoughts on changing content at the speed of light, and how Keds has had to adapt to that over time. Take a listen, it's pretty great!

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Get ready to ride! Today I am talking with one of my favorite brands ever, Peloton. I am talking to Carolyn Blodgett who is the Senior Vice President at Peloton and I can't wait to share some of the secrets behinds Peloton's marketing machine. Take a listen!

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There's technology and then there's talking it. And Kathryn Rose has built a technology marketplace that allows us to do both. She's created a company called WiseHer, which connects women with smart leaders who can help them build the businesses of their dreams. Take a listen!

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This next interview is important because I am talking to somebody who I believe, who-heartedly, is helping to change the world. Susan McPherson is the Founder and CEO of McPherson Strategies. She's not only a master networking, but all of her networking is designed to help change the world. Her company, McPherson Strategies, works with Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, and countless others to help craft messages around important issues around corporate social responsibility. Not only is she helping them talk-the-talk, but she's helping them walk-the-walk. 

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I'm so excited to share with you my interview with Niharika Shah, the Vice President, Head of Brand Marketing & Advertising at Prudential Financial. We had a really interesting discussion about the power of listening to everyday people and highlighting their stories in order to unite around the financial wellness challenges that we all face—but few of us actually talk about.

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You guys, I'm really excited today to introduce you to Penny Wise who is the Marketing Director at 3M. She's gonna to talk to you about her career, and she's also going to talk about how helped reposition 3M and use the tagline '3M Science Applied to Life,' to create a social movement. Take a listen.

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You guys, what a pleasure to talk with Amy Heidersbach, the Chief Marketing Officer or CareerBuilder this week. I was so impressed by how CareerBuilder views itself as a tech company first. And you see that in how it plays in everything that they do. From social elements, to augmented reality within their apps, to how they approach content. Take a listen!

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