All the Social Ladies with Carrie Kerpen

I am thrilled to present to you Jessica Robinson, the Vice President of Marketing of Emerging Brands at Heineken U.S.A. She come to this interview with so many great examples and tips for marketers today -- things that are current and run across all the different brands in her portfolio. Get your pen out, because there's a lot of insights you'll want to take down. 

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You guys are gonna love my next guest! Molly Hayward, the co-founder at Cora, has entered the menstrual management space -- a space that is very trendy now by the way -- and she has done it so effectively with her company Cora. They have been around three years, they haven't spent a dollar on marketing, and yet they've made a heck of a marketing splash. Take a listen. 

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I’m really excited about my next guest because she answers a burning question I’ve had for a long time: Is it GIF or JIF? Sadie Novello, the EVP of Content and Media at GIPHY, is here to answer that question for us now, along with other questions I ask her--all about being a working mom and making it all work. Take a listen.

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