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Today, I’m talking to Sasha Abraham, a Marketing Director at the NFL. You’ll hear how the National Football League is growing its fanbase by creating authentic content that truly resonates with younger audiences, including an amazing collaboration with comedian Keegan-Michael Key.

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I want to let you in on a little secret of mine, I'm a purger. While some people hoard, anytime we get a build up of anything around the house, I call Junkluggers. The reason I love Junkluggers so much is that I know they are company that is truly based in mission. I know that my stuff is getting recycled, going to good use, and I know that it will eventually go to a good home and will not be in mine! So of course, I had to interview Kristy Ferguson, who is the Chief Marketing Officer of Junkluggers. Pay close attention to her three moments, they really dig down into any piece of advice I've ever given, and I think she lays it out really nicely. Take a listen.

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I'm excited to introduce you to Mindy McKnight, who is the founder and CEO of M-Star Media, Inc. You may know her from, which of course launched the Cute Girls Hairstyles YouTube channel over 10 years ago. She is currently ranked one of the Top 25 Women on YouTube with over 5.6 million subscribers, generating 10 million monthly views. Her twin daughters won 2017 Peoples Voice Webby Award. They've also just recently launched a mascara line, a book on viral parenting... Their is just lots to hear here about how they built their incredible business on YouTube. 

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